Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WF 4.0 vs WF 3.0

A fast blog for now: the best improvements for WF 4.0!


  • Authoring is simpler and takes much less code
  • Fully declarative workflows and activities
  • Alignment across Expressions, Rules, and Activities
  • Seamless Composition Across Flow Styles


  • 10-100x Performance Improvements
  • Full control over persistence
  • Flow-in Transactions
  • Partial Trust Support
  • Integrates with WCF, WPF, ASP.NET


  • Designer Performance and usablility
  • Rehosting Improvements
  • Unified Debugging Experience

I've seen the new Designer and it rocks! It looks better and even has a new zoomfunction which works much better then the old! But they added more they added external Arguments you can assign which goes in and out. And my personal favourite it even shows which variables are in scope! And it's possible to use expressions on those variables.

WF 4.0 is a part of "Dublin" for a complete overview on "Dublin" check it out here!

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