Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WPF on Windows 7

Scrott Guthrie just presented some new features in WPF on Windows 7. They added some more interesting controls like a jumplist. A jumplist add some contextual support for your app. So when you right-click on your app in the taskbar, it shows the jumplist with it's available actions. They also improved the theme support and Deep Zoom will be in the WPF 4.0!

They enabled multitouch, which you can use to make Surface-like applications (if you got the hardware!)

Just to prove they believe in WPF (How could they not) they even built Visual Studio 2010 on WPF! This means that it's going to be really easy to extend Visual Studio specially on the visualisation part.

Today there will be a new WPF toolkit out, with a new datagrid (finally), datepicker, calender, ribbon and a preview of the Visual State Manger available in WPF in .NET 4.0. The Visual State Manager introduces two concepts: State transitions and visual states. A control, such as a datepicker, has multiple visual states that define how the datepicker should look like when the mouse is hovering over it, or when it is pressed etc. Transitions are used to define how visuals dynamically change as the control moves from one state into another.

The new WPF Toolkit will be available here.

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